Friday, July 09, 2010

Griffith Observatory

It is a little hard to see in this picture, but that is the Hollywood sign. The observatory is in the Hollywood hills and you can see the sign pretty well from the grounds. We went to the observatory as part of Father's Day. Rick loves space so I wanted to take him because it is a world renowned observatory. my parents came too since my dad also likes space and my mom volunteered to watch Jett for part of the day.
Here is Jett and Grandpa hanging out in front of one of the telescopes up on the roof of the building. Jett was a trooper to have such a long day out with us.
Here are my mom and I up on the roof. Somewhere in the background there is LA, but it was really sunny (and slightly smoggy), so it is really hard to see.
Here are all the men on Father's Day weekend. Earlier in the day I made Rick blueberry muffins and on the actual Father's Day we gave Rick a card that Jett helped me color and a new belt (boring, but it is what he wanted).
Grandma watched Jett while Dad, Rick and I went to see a show. We watched a show in the planetarium about the Northern Lights. It was really cool, but I'm glad Jett didn't come in, it was a little disorienting at parts. We all got to go inside and look at the cool displays about the sun and moon and different stars etc. It was a blast and something I've never done before. After the Observatory we went out to dinner, but it was a little rough because on our way to the restaurant Jett fell down and smashed his face pretty good. Since he was already tired he was really upset. The saddest part for me was seeing his huge swollen lip the next day. Overall, we had a great weekend though (and doesn't Jett look so cool in his sun glasses?)

Jett's POV

If these pictures look a little odd, its because Jett likes to play with our camera. I have more on the other camera, but these are good for now. I just think it is cute to see our house from his perspective.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jett loves to play with blocks, he especially likes to play "dump". That is when you dump the blocks out of the bucket into your lap, then push them off the chair. I guess it is a blast because he plays it daily!
Jett has been very anti-diaper lately. He has been tugging and pulling on them whenever he can, and this is what happens.
Such a cutie posing for the camera.
Where's Jett?
Trying to put on mom's shoe. He loves taking peoples shoes off and trying to put them back on. He also knows that when it is time for a walk he needs shoes and he knows right where they are and brings them to me. Such a helpful boy.

Hanging out around the house

It has been getting pretty hot here in CA, and our apartment gets hottest at night. So I put Jett in a large t shirt as jammies one night and here's what he looked like in the morning! Somehow he got one of his arms out, it was really cute. The day before this we went to pick him up from a nap and he had taken his diaper off and thrown in out of his crib! Silly, silly boy.
Jett has finally started to figure out how to climb up onto things in our house. This chair is his chair, he usually yanks us out of it if we sit in it.
Wrestling with Ooo-Ooo (he calls his monkey the sound a monkey makes)
I think it is so cute when he makes this face. He gets so happy and he crinkles his nose, he's just a happy guy.
Just a cute picture of him.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just a little update

These pictures are a couple of months ago, when it was cool enough to wear long sleeves, but all the other pictures wouldn't export of the card, so this is all for now. Jett is still a cute cute boy and is now also talking like crazy! He knows a lot of words and speaks pretty clearly. In just the last week he's started saying "copter" (like helicopter) "siter" (sister) "rhyne" (rhyme) "later" (like see ya later) and has begun to use short phrases like "up peeze" (up please). A few of his favorite toys right now are plastic Easter eggs, batteries, cars and blocks.

He has also started being a great helper. He throws things in the trash when we ask, he puts laundry in the basket and he likes to help in the kitchen when he can but not around the stove. He also loves reading, which is really great but after reading his nursery rhymes book a dozen reads in a row, it gets a little old, but I guess not for Jett :)
Rick is doing well at work and for the next 8 weeks or so will be working on a project here in Pasadena, which will be great. I have been running and it has been really great, Jett likes it too because we go fast! We've been having fun just hanging out, visiting with "Guma" and "Gupa" in Redlands and doing all the regular day to day things. It is crazy that Jett is going to be a year and a half soon! But I think Jett can't wait to go to nursery!
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Monday, March 29, 2010


Here are Daddy, Jett and Monkey working on the computer. Jett has been playing more and more with his monkey, and it is so cute.
Eating his bottle on the step. He loves that thing.
Really getting into eating his oatmeal.


Jett used to hate bathtime. He would scream as soon as he touched the water until after we got pjs on him. It was miserable. I'm glad that has changed. He loves the water now, especially running water. When we're filling the tub up, her likes to drink water from his cup that he gets from the faucet. Here he is filling up his bath cup.
Cups aren't the only drinking option though. He likes to suck water from this sponge of his too. Behind him are all his other toys, including the net that Aunt Holly got him, which he loves. He likes his squirt-y toys too, but he gets frustrated because he hasn't figured out yet how to fill them back up.
Just being silly with his tongue.
Posing for the camera. What a nice smile!
I couldn't resist. He's got cute little buns!

Catch that Truck!

This is a routine we go through at least 3 times a day. First, (and I don't have a picture of this) Jett takes his dump truck outside and then pushes it under our porch fence. Then, as is pictured above, he goes to the gate and says "uh oh, guk (truck) out(outside)". Which means we need to go save it from the scary outside world.
Next (and yes this picture is from a different occasion than the first) we go get it. And now Jett is free to be outside, and he knows it. He loves the outside so much, we go on many walks during the day.
Sometimes he makes a side trip up the stairs, now that his truck is safely in his sight.
But after that, the truck just keeps running away, further and further. It is a rascally little dump truck (and a rascally little boy pushing it).
Then it makes it out to the sidewalk and usually up and down the block a few times. In this picture Jett is waving to a garbage truck as it drives by. He loves any vehicle, bikes, motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. And the louder the better. If he hears a truck in the distance, he looks at it and keeps looking at it from one end of the street until he can't see it anymore. He LOVES trucks.

Doin' the Dishes

Jett loves to do the dishes with me. It gives him a chance to be in just a diaper and to stand on the step stool. Oh, and to splash in the water, so really it is one of the greatest times of the day.
I usually just let him play with his bottles, they're plastic and so don't break. He likes to fill them up and pour them back out, sometimes he even puts them on the bottle rack, but they usually end right back up in the sink. Sometimes the rack comes in with them.

You can see my lousy attempt at straightening my hair this particular day. Check out those waves!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life lately

Well, here are just a few pictures, I have more I might put up later, I just need to get them off the camera. Jett is such a little ball of sunshine, he is the happiest little guy around. He just plays and is so fun. The above picture is him playing peek-a-boo. He prefers being outside to being inside, so peeking around the screen is fun!
I left the broom closet door open while I was vacuuming and this is what I found when I went to put the vacuum away!
"Please Daddy, can we take the truck outside one more time?"
We keep some of our exercise equiptment in the living room, and Jett watches us use it sometimes. Lately he's been doing his own "workouts" and pushing around Rick's push up bars or lifting these 3 pound weights. He even makes a "oooooooo" heavy lifting sound.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Seattle Trip II

An up close look at the Space Needle.
On our way to Olympic National Park we drove through Port Angeles, and for all those who don't read the Twilight books, this is the "big city" where the girls in the book do their shopping etc. I took this picture for my mom, and was sad to inform her that we didn't drive the extra 50-ish miles to Forks. Rick was willing to if I'd wanted to go, but we'd done a lot of driving already.
Okay, in the previous post I showed the snow in the Park; at the bottom of the mountain was this. It was so green, trees and plants and moss everywhere. We went on a little hike through it and it was beautiful. Honestly, I don't think I've seen anywhere as green as this (I've lived most of my life in the desert). Except for the trail, you couldn't see the dirt because there were so many little plants. Olympic Park is home to La Push (also from Twilight) and the only rainforest in North America.
This is an animatronic Donatello the Ninja Turtle from the live action movies. He lives in the Science Fiction museum in Seattle. I thought I wouldn't enjoy myself there (we went for Rick) but it actually was pretty cool. They had lots of first edition sci-fi books, props and costumes from TV shows and movies like Star Trek, Star wars, Dune and Blade Runner. I actually came away wanting to read some of the books and see some of the movies, which is shocking since usually I'm not into sci-fi at all.
Another picture from the National Park (don't know how they got out of order).
I know these posts are out of order, just work with me.